by Ian Thomson

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  • port river sunset

    No images for a couple of days.. Had a slight issue with my ISP one night and then an issue with my hosting the night after.. All seems to be sorted now..…

  • red rose opening

    A red rose, just starting to open.. Taken in my back yard..

  • steam train kiosk under sunset

    This has been posted before, but since it’s not on my new site and I didn’t put it into the archives, I thought I’d process it again and re post it..

  • johnny haysman

    Johnny Haysman, taken at the Adelaide Fringe Festival yesterday. To find out more about Johnny, you really need to see this site.

  • balancing act

    A street performer balances a heap of wooden blocks.. Taken at the Adelaide Fringe Festival this afternoon..

  • bedford truck

    An old Bedford truck sitting behind the gates of this yard.

  • 180 degrees

    Here’s another shot posted previously.. I didn’t add it to my archive pages, so have added it here instead.. Enjoy..

  • windy starry night sky

    This was basically a spare of the moment shot, after getting my new tripod a couple of weeks ago.. I ended up really liking it, so here it is..

  • behind the fence

    Unsure what this place was, but stopped off to have a bit of a nosey through the fence..

  • tin man

    Posted previously, just before I had the issues with my site.. So here it is again :) Not a huge fan of the photo, but like the subject, so that’s why it’s…

  • grazing

    Bit late posting this evening.. Taken near where I live, in the foothills above Golden Grove, Adelaide..

  • technology park entrance

    Here’s a new image I took the other day. The entrance to Technology Park, Mawson Lakes using a lensbaby and after adding a grainy effect to it in Photoshop..