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  • legs…

    Some more experimenting with my Holgaroid.. This was actually about a 45 – 50 second exposure, with the camera sitting on the floor..

  • wheelbarrow

    Another shot from my Holgaroid.. I am starting to like this kind of perspective with these shots, plus it kinda helps get a fairly crisp shot with an otherwise difficult to handle…

  • bricks

    Another shot from my holgaroid..

  • gnome!

    The last holgaroid shot for a while.. Atleast until I get my new lot of film in the mail.. This little guy is down the side of my house..

  • gate

    A gate! Taken with with my holgaroid as it was resting on the ground..

  • outdoor lounges

    Another shot from my new toy, my Holgaroid.. For testing purposes, I tend to wander around my backyard until I find something *kinda* worth taking a shot of…

  • holgaroid 1

    After buying a Holgaroid a few months ago and wasting the first 20 shots of film due to my silly errors, I’m finally started to (slowly) get the hang of it..